The purpose of foundation


  With the interest and participation of a local community, we hope that children will live in a healthy and happy world where they can grow freely away from the factors related to politics, society, economy, culture, etc, that place children remote from others.






  Although I can't always be with children all the time, the community has provided me a significant opportunity for me to lead children to grow well and make them always laugh.


  Thinking of children, I will always strive to do my best with my passion for the position given and I will try hard to find and assist in any business or social program that supports children to extend their dreams and goals into future. I ask you your own consistent interest, encouragement and advice for the aspects that our community can improve.


(Lee, Hye Kyung, the representative/ Head of Lee Jin pediatrics clinic)



  The future child that has started from the first meeting of 'Youth Culture School.' The joy and learning that I could feel by sympathizing with children have made me  come to this stage. I want to share strength and passion to overcome a little discomfort. With supporters of future, let us strive together to realize the society that children can live in with joy.

(Kim, Ki Joo, the representative/Professor of school of Architectural Engineering
in Korea Universityof Technology and Education)






History or journey of foundation



Februaryl - Education and Welfare Symposium ¡®The Regional Poor Youth Integration Service System Established¡¯

April - Chungnam Research Society for Children 's Literature ¡®Visiting Research Society for Children's Literature Concert¡¯

May - 'club in club' Ceremony
        - Children's Day Event

July - Education and Welfare Forum ¡®Web Opening Supportive Network 2.0¡¯

August - Children's Welfare and Love Group ¡®A Voice for Children's Welfare and Human Right¡¯
        - 'club in club' MT

September - Dream and Real Group Home Opening
                  - 2010 Cheon City's Social Welfare Budget Proposing Discussion participated with Children

Ocotober - Wonseong-dong's Regional Festival ¡®Dreaming Wall Painting Village ¡¯

December - Education and Welfare Forum ¡®Runaway Youth's Understanding and Solution'
                 - Korean Charity National Music Performance for Group-Home Children and Youth



April - Progress the firth meeting of local network in Won Sung Dong and Moon Sung Dong

May - Development and management of resources of local community educational welfare forum(3th)

June - Progress the first meeting of university students organization 'circle in circle club'

July - Establish new project and the first meeting of Sung Hwan local network

       - Family camp 'A family trip! Together, be happy!'

August - Guardian of Won Sung Small Library, Simile pilgrims, Advancement Observation

September - Participate ih the 2009 children section of Chun An city's social welfare budget proposal discussion.
                   - Educational welfare forum(4th) on the health care of poor children and youth

Ocotober - Participate 6th Happy Festival-Cheon An city's social welfare festival.
                - Daily pub future children

December -Advancement observation 'An San We Start & Si heung Dream Start'
                 - The joint christmas party of Future Children " 2008 Glide of Angels toward Bigger Dream"



January ~ current : Local children & juvenile supporting network operation

- Supporting "Haenurim Juvenile Center Opening Ceremony"

- August : Starting local network in Wonseong-dongMunseong-dong

- September : Education Welfare Forum 'results and assignments of unified supporting system through "SBS urgent action SOS 24 program

- October: Visiting 'Nowon Education supporting Center Naranhi'

- November: Education Welfare Forum 'Having happy family for the children'

- December : Holding "Education Welfare Symposium"

  December - Year-end Family Camp  'happy family trip'

  December - Announcement for the production of the Family supporting Activity



January - Juvenile winter union camp '2006 Nazaret children's English camp participation'

February - Youth' Culture Festival 'Do-dream me and us'

April - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Relaxation of mind refreshing  spring! Take part  joy"

      - Supporting the foundation of The Cheonan Local Juvenile Center Union

June - Opening of the Youth Voice Center

July - Family Camp  Theme: "Happy Happy! Making Good Memories"

November - Holding Children's Welfare Forum "How to set up community support for children in poverty and unstable homes in Cheon-An?"

December - Year-End Family Camp  Theme  "Having Family Hope"



January - Juvenile, Youth Winter Union Camp

February - The 9th Local Juvenile Center, staff annual meeting (Yu Ju, fountain of silence)

March - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Delightful children, delightful parents' lesson"

April - Local Juvenile Center 'staff education for reinforcement of capability'

May - Children's day event progress

June - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Enjoyable movie experience for guardians who are  tired of their lives"

July  - Family Camp "Happy journey with the family"

August - Juvenile Summer Union Camp "For our ocean, the Yellow Sea!"

             - Youth Summer Camp "Escape from daily routine, recharging ambition"

September - Welfare Cheon-an 2005 Happy Festival "The 3rd Cheonan volunteer service  exhibition" attendance

October - Juvenile Household Support Activity

                "Relaxing and enjoyable singing class for the  parents who are  exhausted with their lives"

November -  Chungnam province, Local Juvenile Center staff education

                    "Local society. Local Juvenile Center's role and task"



January - Juvenile, Youth Union Winter Camp

March - The 7th Local Juvenile Center staff's annual meeting

           - Juvenile Household Support Activity "The spring trip with new hope for mothers"

May - Youth Excursion

July - Juvenile Household Support Activity "The type of conversation that makes my children  happy"

       - Cheoan Local Juvenile Center Union Play  cure unit place and operation

August  - The 8th Local Juvenile Center staff's annual meeting

              - Youth Summer Union Camp "Ji-Ri Mountain walk"

              - Youth Culture Festival "Do-dream"

September - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Sharing the importance of family through  watching a family movie"

November - Cheonan Local Juvenile Center staff education

                 - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Help in acquiring the energy of life through movie-viewing"

December - Juvenile Household Support Activity "Parents' annual meeting for clearing the  year"

                 - Seong Hwan Juvenile Youth Group Home Site



March - Children Opening Future Establishment

May -  Children's day event progress

June -  Local Juvenile Center teachers' education and staff annual meeting

July -  Initiation of Youth Culture School

August - Juvenile Union Summer Camp (Marripo Youth Training House)

             - Youth Union Summer Camp (Jiri Mountain walk)

September -  Initiation of Self-Growth Program

December - The 5th Local Welfare Forum

                   "Children's lives of poverty risk household, what is the problem and what is the solution for this?"






Introduction of business



1) Children's Welfare Extension

  The organization supports the children who require special protection and nurture professionally and systemically by forming a variety of activities.

  - Local Juvenile Center active management

  - Local Juvenile Center settling operation

  - Seong Hwan Group Home management

  - Won Sung Small Library management

  - Cheonan Local Juvenile Center union or joint activity




2) Local children& juvenile supporting system activity

  The organization supports to set up the network with professional services to help children and juvenile who require secure protection

  - local children & juvenile supporting network meeting

  - Education welfare forum

  - Regular meeting through 'local network'

  - Sharing Local children welfare current issues and supporting information




3) Young adults supporting activity

  The center supports various activities for the young adults to dream for their future and helps them to have healthy and leading life

  - supporting 'Haenurim' Youth Center operation

  - Operating Young adults Media business "Youth Voice Center"

  - Developing the young adults program in local children's center




4) Children Household Support activity

  The organization helps the guardians by providing various supporting activities to keep the family cheerful and healthy.

  - In the Local Juvenile Center, the parents' meetings will be supported

  - providing the role models for parents' education

  - Culture Experience , family camp, annual familymeeting




5) Juvenile Emotional Support Activity

  The center conducts the counseling and healing play to help children grow brightly and recover the self-esteem.

  - Playing care unit and sandy playing care unit for Juvenile Emotional Support Activity  

  - The mental examination and the intelligence test

  - Connect them with other counseling organization




6) Local community supporting extension work

  The foundation's various activities will be consistently reported with introduction and advertisement to the members for the systemical management and strong supporting network.

  - Advertisement and members management (Homepage operation, news publication, Members and their families' event)

  - Board meeting, managers meeting, volunteering service management, finding new supporters




7) policy and collective operation

  There would be a careful observation for the local childrenwelfare policy and current issues. The organization will extend the service provision and participate in the related collective operation.

  - investigation and seminar

  - symposium

  - collective operation








Introducing Staffs



* The chief of an office : Kim So-hyun



     - Managing all Jobs, Caring


     - Children are considered the future hope. As a guardian who respect children's  rights,

       I'll keep our social honesty and hope.





* Organizer : Seo Ji-Young



    - Manages members and group activities, performs administrative affairs, supports of the local child center and

     its collective activities, and also volunteers service to middle and high school.


    - promise that I will be a social worker who strives to uphold the rights and happiness of  that children deserve.




Office Info.


Address : 562-4, Wonsung-Dong, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 330-954, Korea

Phone : 82-041-572-0560~1

Homepage : http://www.ifuture.or.kr